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Please note that fender serial numbers tend to overlap by at least a year, and thereby the date of your guitar can only be approximated.
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One thing you might not know already is that Java already support animated-gif.There are times however, when things might not seem to work correctly.Often times, this Image Observer object is set to null or the current applet; and quickly forgotten.This image Observer is in fact very important because it will be the one who receives notification whenever the animated gif needs to paint the next frame.The first call to paint registers the applet (this) as the image Observer. As the loading progresses, image Update() is called.(I override the image Update() function here; the default one already calls repaint for you, that's why in most cases you don't have to do anything).import *; // import an extra class for the Action Listener import event.*; public class Images extends Applet implements Action Listener The repaint method is the way for you to explicitly call the paint method in your applet.If I understand your question correctly, this is not the solution that your are looking for. spontaneous painting, initiated by the environment 2.

Their are 4 versions of this method but the one with no arguments is usually used.

i'm able to type in the command window but i can't see it sometimes until i've resized the screen. Several of the graphics problems had their root in an OS-X Security Update for Java in the early part of 2011 -- something that was fixed in Lion but only patched around in Snow Leopard I seem to remember.

I see this behaviour under 2009a and 2011b on Windows7SP1 also. I believe, the Java window manager misses the refresh event. The complexity of Matlab's interface has exploded since release 6.5. Sam, if I recall correctly, there were a bunch of graphics problems on Snow Leopard in the 2011a release.

I gave up to expect a perfectly professional appearence. According to the guidelines rudeness is removed from the forum.

MATLAB generally has problems when used with any Java version other than the one it was installed with (because Java changes too much even in dot-dot releases.) Thank you Walter.