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Ron Hubbard wrote that all sickness, accidents and injuries, pretty much all non-optimum conditions in life, were the result of a connection to a suppressive person.A person so associated was said to be a “potential trouble source,” or PTS. Stress has been proven to lower one’s resistance to disease.In the fall of 2004, an accomplished, gorgeous Scientologist named Nazanin Boniadi was allegedly selected by officials in the organization to be Tom Cruise’s next girlfriend. ” he said to David Miscavige, the chief of the Church of Scientology International, as Miscavige joined him and Cruise’s sister Lee Anne De Vette at the opening of the Madrid Scientology center, in September 2004. Miscavige, according to Rinder and Marty Rathbun, Scientology’s former inspector general and No.Her never-before-told story—of the months inseparable from the star (and his watchers), before she fell out of favor—reveals a complex dynamic that also affected Cruise's relationships with Nicole Kidman, Penélope Cruz, and, now, Katie Holmes. Mike Rinder, the founding director of Scientology International and former head of the Office of Special Affairs, claims that the star had just said the same thing to him minutes before as they waited for Miscavige, who is referred to by Scientology honchos as C. 2, prided himself on being able to produce with a snap of his fingers anything Cruise desired, as well as to remove whatever he considered to be obstacles in the star’s life, such as his last wife, Nicole Kidman, and his last girlfriend, Penélope Cruz.If one weren’t connected to an SP, would these diseases have no effect?Would the body’s defense system simply destroy all these foreign invaders?

This machine is relatively simple, but it’s a current floating inside another current ..EDA meters were first developed in 1889 in Russia, and psychotherapists began using them as tools for therapy in the 1900s. I next attended a series of lectures being given by a very controversial figure, who several times emphasized that perhaps the major problem of psychotherapy was the difficulty of maintaining the communication of accurate or valid data from the patient to the therapist.This machine, the electropsychometer, has been acting as a pilot since about the first of January 1952.Cruise sued for divorce, and the children—Bella, then eight, and Connor, then six—were reportedly given a course in identifying Suppressive Persons.As Penélope Cruz became Cruise’s new love interest, she took her own set of courses, but, the sources say, she soon ran afoul of Miscavige, who dismissed her as a mere “dilettante” when it was learned that she was unwilling to forsake her Buddhist beliefs.Multiple sclerosis, autism, and cystic fibrosis, to name a few.