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As a New Zealander I’m aware that NZ has a lot of bad stats too.

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Follow @csteditorials A “senior” version of “nanny cams” is about to hit Illinois nursing homes. 1, a new state law, the Authorized Electronic Monitoring in Long-Term Care Facilities Act allows video or audio recording devices to be placed in Illinois nursing home rooms to monitor treatment.Follow @csteditorials“Senior cams” could range from a simple battery-operated camera that records action on a memory card to a more sophisticated Internet-connected device that allows live-streaming.After seeing the title I thought that's a very quick biopic , some of these film companies must have a superhuman ability to make a movie .As it turned out this wasn't a true life drama about a teacher abusing their trust in the worst way possible because if DIRTY TEACHER is a true life story I'd be applying to go back to school in America Of course if this was role reversal where the teacher was male and the pupil was female it'd be an entirely different film .Increasingly, Porrino said, abuse is caught by family members who notice tell-tale signs and install hidden cameras.

But in fits of impatience or anger, authorities claim, they lashed out -- striking the helpless patients or sitting idly as they fell. Citing explosive growth in the in-home health care industry and a rise in complaints against such workers, the state attorney general announced a new program that loans out hidden cameras to New Jersey residents who fear their elderly and infirm relatives might be suffering abuse at the hands of home care workers.

His mom passed away in 2000.“This is a huge step forward,’’ said Link, whose House sponsor on the bill was Rep. Link said his mother received fine care, but even so, today he wouldn’t hesitate to place a camera in her room.

That’s especially true because, with Alzheimer’s, she could not articulate if she was having a problem.“If I knew she’d be safe 24/7 and I’d be comfortable and she’d be comfortable, I’d do it in a heartbeat,’’ Link said.

Karp, who works for the same NFL-hired law firm that unleashed “independent investigator” Ted Wells on the Tom Brady/Deflate Gate case. The NFL lawyers “also request that the ‘s reporters and editors who worked on this story preserve their notes, correspondence, emails, recordings and work papers and all other electronic and hard copy documents generated or received in connection with their work.”This is the really good part.

Because if it ever gets to the discovery stage, turnabout is fair play.